The story of a photographer

I love everything about photography. I love the way that it captures people's true emotions and personalities. I live for the real, honest, and raw moments. The tears, the uncontrollable laughter, dancing the night away with family and friends, the love that fills your heart when you stare into your loved one's eyes, the touch of their hand on your face. I love it all!

Client Love

Jen + Ben

“Edith is the BEST! Edith has been wonderful for the months before the wedding, on the wedding day, and then while editing our wedding pictures. We got to meet up with her over coffee before the wedding so she could learn a little about us, and we could learn about her. She is a really great person, and she became a friend instantly. I don't have to write about how wonderful her photos are because you can just look at them and you can see right away that they are amazing!”

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