I started my journey in photography as an associate photographer for a friend. Little did I know that it would be the start of an amazing adventure for me. I quickly dove into the world of weddings, family sessions, and portraits and haven't looked back.

If you are looking for someone that can make you feel at ease, remind you that you are an amazing human being, fix your dress, pin yours and your wedding party's boutonniere's to your jackets, cry as I watch you walk down the aisle, wrangle your aunts and uncles and cousins and kids for family photos, help you keep your cool and provide you with a gorgeous way to to remember thee most intimate and wildest day of your life, then I am your person!

I am your person..

Photo credit for above images: Denia Weathers Photography

and these are my people...

My rock. my wife.

Whitney is my dream come true. The most amazing partner in life a woman could ever ask for. When she's not strumming her guitar she's advocating for those voices that are seldom heard.

our baby girl, gaby

Not such a baby anymore. I couldn't be more proud.

our munchkin, Mazzi

She's a little bit but she's fierce and as loyal as they come.

i want you to be my people too

client love


Laura and Mason

“Could not have asked for more!
When browsing the web and seeing hundreds of wedding photographers all with similar styles and price ranges, Edith Hogan really stood out. Not only was she affordable and flexible for the 4 hours that she documented our big day, but she was such a professional. I had never hired a photographer before so I wasn’t quite sure how it worked or if our pictures would end up looking great like the others we saw of hers, but after seein”

01 / 08



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