A little more about me...

I am just a kid at heart. I still believe in the magic of love. The fact that I get to witness it from behind my lens is both a privilege and a gift to me. I love what I do as a photographer and that I get to provide my clients with a tangible reflection of their love, their families and themselves.

the story of a photographer...

I started my journey into wedding photography as an associate photographer for a friend. I have always loved documenting my life with pictures but photographing a wedding was something that changed everything. Being there for all of the love, the tears, the laughs, conga lines, dancing the night away, filled me up inside in a way I couldn't describe. I haven't let go of my camera since. I consider myself lucky that I get bear witness to the celebration of love and commitment between two people. I feel even luckier that I get to document families come together in celebration, families grow, kids graduate, and babies come into the world. What a beautiful life this is that I get to be part of so many beautiful moments and provide a tangible reflection of those moments to my clients. I love LOVE and human connection. There is nothing more beautiful than witnessing the love that humans can have for each other at all stages in their lives.

A little more about me: I am pretty laid back, a self proclaimed Empath, Enneagram 1 wing 9, my sun is in Cancer, Moon in Gemini, Libra Rising and a queer woman who has been happily married to my wife for 10 years and have been raising our amazing daughter in California. I grew up in Miami, Florida and have been in California for a while now and there is no other place like it but I do miss my Cuban coffee and my Colombian bakeries like it's nobody's business. Also, can we talk about Karaoke?

If you are looking for someone that can make you feel at ease, remind you that you are an amazing human being, fix your dress or suit, cry as I watch you walk up the aisle, pin a boutonniere on your lapel, wrangle your aunts and uncles and cousins and kids friends for family photos, help you keep your cool and provide you with a gorgeous way to to remember thee most intimate and wildest day of your life, then I am your person!

and these are my people...

My wife

The most amazing partner in life any person could ever ask for. When she's not strumming her guitar, she's advocating for the voices that are seldom heard.

Our Daughter

We couldn't be more proud. The light of our lives and a rock star in everything she does.

Our First Pup

She's a little bit but she's fierce and as loyal as they come.

Our little Pup

New to our pack but already the apple of our eye.